It’s colorful, and combines an aboriginal arts feel with 20th century cartoons.

Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Cash Akoza

LOL! Snagglepuss and Booboo.

Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Cash Akoza

Pics taken by Resa – October 30, 2016

Winnipeg, Canada

The artist is Cash Akoza & the pics above and below blow up real nice!

Artist: Cash Akoza


31 thoughts on “SnaggleBooboo

  1. Definitely kids colors and shapes … therefore very fitting for your theme. Meanwhile … wow … you have worked hard this month … and it’s almost over! Well done, Resa!!!!

    1. Thank you, Frank! Yes, it was a bit of a challenging month, considering I am an on/off blogger.
      This month was an on all the time month. 😀 😀 I’m very happy about it all, & have a Thank you post and more coming!

    1. Oh Sidran, all kids should be surrounded by love and art. I look to the day that there is enough food, love and art for all. Yes, kids here are very lucky

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