Seasons Greetings – 2016

♫♫ Happy ♬ Holidays ♪♪ to you! ♫♫


♭♫ From Drake and Sol,  ♬ and their egg, too! ♫


♬ ♬ Happy Holidays, to you! ♬ ♬

⭐ ⭐ ⭐


⭐ ⭐ ⭐


Belén Soto and Resa are happy to announce the upcoming wedding of Black Drake and Sol.


Using the beautiful Art Calendar by Marina Kanavaki, the pair has decided on a June wedding.


Sol shows off her gorgeous engagement ring.

Pics taken by Resa – December, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Visit Belén’s Tienda to shop for unique ceramics!


The happy couple share a tender moment.


Click on Marina’s Art Calendar to buy one at MagCloud.


69 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings – 2016

  1. Congratulations! I am so excited to hear that Drake & Sol are engaged. They make a beautiful couple! Looking forward to the wedding day. What a great way to celebrate this festive season!!!

    1. TY, Rebecca! It is a lot of fun. As I will be making Sol’s wedding dress, we are starting to design it already. And how about her feet? She’s a real big shoe filler for sure! xo

          1. On this we talked before the trip, no rings on the toes, no piercing in the beak … 😉
            I think the wedding will be spectacular, but these two ducks, we’re going to have to control them.
            They told you about the giant white and black chocolate cake ??

            1. OMG!!! No, they did not mention the cake! Well, it is their wedding. Perhaps this should be the cake. It is a very special occasion. 😀 xo
              So, no rings on the toes…. I see ducks can be very sneaky! ❤

    1. Wooff!!! I’d like for Benji to be at the wedding. Drake doesn’t have many friends here in Canada. He’s only been here 2 years. If I may use a pic of Benji, then Benji could be here as Drake’s best man. 😀 (May I pick one from the blog?) You may also send me one, or direct me to a post where he’s wearing a bow tie!

    2. Hi Benji, thank you for offering your support to Drake and Sol in these happy moments, I think you can be the perfect companion for Drake, you are more or less the same height and the truth is that your “sit” is so beautiful… : )

    1. Cold?
      Yes, it’s cold. I went outside, to get cat and ceramic duck food today. I now have an earache.
      Hot inside… yes, for some, ie Drake & Sol.
      By the way, the cats love the ducks! 😀
      Oh, dear LDN, I’m so glad you like the pics. I wish you a wonderful holiday season. ⭐ ❤ ⭐

      1. Same wishes for you my sweetie – of course if cats are so wise as their owners say the are, so they love ducks… 😀 😀 😀

        Impressed by the canadian winter, just the right weather to bask in front of a warm open fireplace in good company added a bottle of good red wine… 😀

  2. Congratulations Sol & Drake. How exciting !
    My ! That leg ring must have cost you a fortune Drake. I think you have started a new fashion trend in leg rings.
    It’s lucky that you duckies have a wonderful mom to arrange everything for you.
    My love to you both, J&J and mom Resa. Ralph xoxxox ❤ #<

    1. Thank you, dear Ralph! Yes, the engagement ring set me back…. erm … Drake back a penny.
      A trend in leg rings? Hmm, not bad Ralph. They would be worn just below the knee, and above the calf.
      Shhhh ….. J&J want S&S to know they are being friendly with the ceramic ducks as a diversionary tactic. Don’t tell anyone! xoxo <# ❤

      1. Yep, the ring idea is positioned in just the right place. You are the expert Resa my friend.
        Heck, J&J are as devious as my two. I wonder what they have planned for the wedding of Drake and Sol ? Love and big hug. Ralph xoxox ❤ #<

        1. Not sure what J & J have planned, but I believe they are on a clandestine network with S & S.
          OMG! Sonic, Samantha & China cat are invited to the wedding! (Okay I got a new superimpose app)
          Will they come?
          xoxo<# ❤

          1. It’s just gone midnight here, S&S are just waking up demanding to sit in my office chair. I always thought that they were asleep in it, but now I know what they have been secretly planning with J&J behind my back. I really haven’t a clue if S&S will come to the wedding. Ask J&J ! Meanwhile I will get the truth out of my cats. lol xoxo

  3. Congratulations … and this is also a hoot! Best holiday wishes to my favorite person in Toronto!!!

    PS: Just noticed that I had your notifications on off (from vacation)… well, that has been corrected!

    1. Yahoo, and best wishes back at ya!
      Frank, you are very sweet. Don’t worry about notifications. Just visit who you like! That’s what I do. That may mean I’m irregular, however, you know that I am there because I want to be.

    1. Dear Mr. Wapojif,
      The happy couple thanks you for your well wishes.
      They want you to know how excited they are to have an esteemed inventor/developer, such as yourself, toast them.
      They want to know if your Gravitar photo would attend the wedding? It’s bound to be the blogosphere event of the year.

  4. LightningEllen

    Oh wow! These are adorable. I hope they have a long happy life together.

    Happy Holidays and I hope you have an awesome 2107! 🙂

  5. Aww… the images and words are really sweet.The wedding should be a fabulous affair and hit the headlines worldwide. Thank you for making me smile. I hope you’re having a very happy Christmas.

  6. Ohhhh my god !! Wedding news arrives !!! My girl gets married !!
    It is true, one never knows what life is for her … dear Resa, this post is (for me) the best of the season, what beautiful photographs, what wonderful news, how many happy colors, how much happiness in those faces .. I have no words to describe my feelings.
    It is the perfect post to wish a Happy Holidays, congratulations Resa, once again you have managed to surprise me, today your blog is full of color and joy!!!
    Let’s now with the really important things, Sol engagement ring is spectacular 🙂 have you seen the size of those stones? Definitely Sol has reached to the paradise of ducks … I wish your economy does not suffer, suspect who provided the credit to our Drake…
    June is a beautiful month to travel to Toronto, summer weddings are perfect!!

  7. Reblogged this on Arcilla y fuego and commented:
    Tras unos dias off-line provocados por una avería técnica me encuentro con esta maravillosa noticia, suenan campanas de boda en Toronto.
    Nuestros patos aventureros anuncian su compromiso, la boda será en Junio, quiero llamar vuestra atención sobre el espectacular anillo de compromiso que muestra Sol, creo que Drake ha desplegado todos sus encantos … y sus ahorros.
    After a few days off-line provoked by a technical breakdown I find this wonderful news, ring wedding bells in Toronto.
    Our adventurous ducks announce their engagement, the wedding will be in June, I want to draw your attention to the spectacular engagement ring that shows my lucky Sol, I think Drake has displayed all his charms … and his savings.

    1. Do not worry Belén, Drake has saved a few Euros for his bow tie, and several boxes of chocolates.
      He asks everyone to bring chocolates for wedding gifts.
      Sol would prefer a lovely cradle for the egg. It should hatch soon after the wedding!!
      I will make the wedding dress.
      I am very excited for the wedding!
      Drake & Sol send you much love!

  8. I love Drake and Sol. What a fancy ring! Belén is so talented. As are you and Marina. 🙂 Such a joy to come see the art. I plan to get back to you on the email with an affirmative, but I’m too tired tonight. The kids are off from school tomorrow, but I hope to have time soon. XOXO

    1. Get rest!!!! You have 2 months to write the poem!
      Your kids are #1!
      I’m very excited about the wedding post.
      Even though it’s 6 months away, I have a lot to do!
      If you’re not too, busy, you’re the perfect person to write the wedding poem.
      We can chat about that later! 😀 Sending sweet dreams and hugs to you! XOXO

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  10. How fortunate this calendar is! Surrounded by love and beauty! Black Drake and Sol, congratulations! You couldn’t have found a nicest home! and Resa: MOUAHHHHHHH [that’s a huge kiss and a hug!] 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxx

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