From Zena with Love

Zena is somewhere in Lebanon & found this beauty.

Photo © Zena Fares

She has more Graf pics, but says the wifi connect is so bad, she’ll send them when she comes home.

Photo © Zena Fares

We’ll just have to wait for more info, but this mural’s woman is as beautiful, as Zena is! (Zena is so gorgeous!)

Photo © Zena Fares

Pics take by – Zena Fares – September, 2016


25 thoughts on “From Zena with Love

  1. Xena: Warrior Princess turned up on Parks and Recreation the other day and is now dating Ron Swanson. I hope this clears up any confusion about this graffiti.

    Urgh, you know there’s this massive crane and a small building site in front of the graffiti I was trying to shoot here in Manchester. I’ll have to wait until the hairy builders clear off before I can get a picture. Don’t worry, I gave them what for! A verbal drubbing? Absolutely!

    1. Thank you for clearing up (not) the whole Xena thing. My Zena wants to date Future (Rap Star) not Ron Swanson. Hmm, is Ron Swanson related to the Swanson frozen dinner family fortune? If so, I could get her to change her mind.

      TY for for drubbing out the hairy builders!!! How dare they block perfectly good street art. OMG! They aren’t building something in front of it…. are they? Is there no end to the horror?

      1. There’s a chance they might be actually, so I’ll try and sneak a picture in at some point for posterity.

        As for Ron Swanson, I believe he’s really married to that woman from Will & Grace. Indeed.

    1. Agree with that. 😀 Well, it is art, after all. Who knows what the artists have, had or had had, having had had something, if anything in mind! in mind. Lol! If anyone, I know you understand! xoxoxo

  2. It’s amazing, a different beauty … I love this mural.
    Train tracks and watch (or maybe a compass) make me think of the urgency of the trip …
    Lebanon is a beautiful country … with some bad luck.

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