Agony in Ecstasy Land

Birds chirped, sun shone & I climbed down to the river to see this:


.. a total racist defacement of a gorgeous piece of graf. When asked if he wanted to “clean it up”, Mediah, the artist said “no!” Let people see.


Tensoe2 from Toronto agreed!


Whos One from Kitchener, Ontario agreed


Ean Kools from Cambridge, Ontario agreed!


Hugo Medina born in La Paz,Bolivia agreed!


 Everyone agreed!

I am very sad this happened in Canada… in my back yard.

Pics take by Resa  – August 13 & 14, 2016

Cambridge, Ontario

Csf1 #9

Also, Angels’ kisses & many Thank You’s to Brian Price & Linda Daniher- Festival Organizers

& big thank you’s to all the Official Sponsors of the first


Csf1 #10
Artist: Shalak Attack

24 thoughts on “Agony in Ecstasy Land

    1. I agree. It was very difficult for me to post this, but it was the real & honest thing to do.
      The festival was amazing, except for this and the seemingly non-racist, and simply vandal minded cutting of Kanos 1st Cellograff art piece in half.

  1. This is a very sad post, I feel so powerless in front of absurd acts like this … I was enjoying so much with your chronicle of the “Cambridge International Street Art Festival”, so many great artists … and so many extraordinary works.
    There is a part of our society that is really sick.

    1. Hugs back!
      I almost did not post this, but felt I had to. In spite of this senseless display of ignorance, it was a very good time. I got to meet Mediah, and he is so gracious.. I have one final post on the festival to do, but will make a post of a piece of street art of Mediah’s first. xoxoxo

  2. Theanne aka magnoliamoonpie

    If we look at history it’s always been a “sad, sorry” world…I keep hoping the human race has…finally…grown up and really become civilized. Then I see something like this I realize…it hasn’t. The artists were right though to leave the defacement…it sends a very potent message way beyond the possible original intent. Thank you for the photographs and climbing down to the river 🙂

    1. Thank you, Theanne! I almost didn’t post it. I’m so ashamed that this exists. Human(s) did this & I am human. Nonetheless, it would have been a slight to the artist had I not.

  3. Yeah for the artist to leave it. They do their works of art in the light of day, while the culprits seek to do they’re ill will in the night. While sad, it allows the two actions to be highlighted for everyone to see the difference.

    1. I agree, Daniel! It was quite the scandal the next day. News teams came out to do a piece, & interviewed festival goers as to what they thought about it. I hate being on camera, but I spoke my 2 cents worth.

  4. lightningnightnova

    I’ll never understand why some people feel the need to spout their hatred. So sad to see those ugly worlds on such a beautiful masterpiece.

  5. What a terrible thing to scrawl on a piece of art, I agree with Mediah though, cleaning it off just hides a problem and it needs to be confronted instead of painted over.

  6. For every person who makes art, there seem to be hundreds who would cut the artist and the art up to shreds. It’s a sad statement of humanity. But I root for the artists. Just because someone tries to tear you down, you have to create, remake, and shine.

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