Arts & Nature


17Ott #23


17Ott #22

The art of nature, and the inspiration of nature in art

17Ott #25

17Ott #27

17Ott #28

All are pieces of a complete Canada.

17Ott #30

Pics taken by Resa, May 14, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

The artist is unknown to me.

17Ott #1

17Ott #2

Canada is one fab country to live in!

17Ott #3

17Ott #24

17Ott #26a

25 thoughts on “Arts & Nature

  1. That is really clever, I love the symbolism and the physical nature of the message. Inspiration and art combine to make something wonderful and I am glad that you have managed to capture so much despite being so busy.

    1. It is clever! It seems like I’ve captured a lot, however, I shot this mural on May 14 & it has taken me 6 weeks to post it in 4 parts. I’ve got 4 or 5 more in the can, & now that it’s slowed down at work, I’m hoping to get a couple more!

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