Political Street Art – Kim Jong Un(Done)

He’s come Un (done)!

Kim #1

I wanted truth, but all I got was lies.

Kim #5

But, before I could realize,

Kim #2

The sun’s art was lost in prison

Kim #4

before my eyes.

Kim #3

Pics taken by Resa, September 25, 2015

Toronto, Canada

27 thoughts on “Political Street Art – Kim Jong Un(Done)

        1. Yes, I do! I’ve got one of his bits in my collection. He was in Toronto for a few nights. Everything he did except 1 piece was taken. Pieces of wall,signs whatever, stolen. The only remaining piece is under a very thick slab of plexi-glass, heavily bolted onto a brick wall & behind a locked gate. I breached the gate for the shots I have.

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