Ste J Reviews – Street Art!

Ste J from Book to the Future sent us this fab Graf with commentaries –  from Berlin!

Photo © Steve Johnson

Right from the off Berlin is a city of art, taking the train from Schönefeld airport the talent is in evidence on all the railway bridges which I sadly didn’t get any photos of.  At the Alcatraz Hostel though I was surprised to across some wonderfully vibrant creations.”

Photo © Steve Johnson

Even down the side street, shops are covered in wonderful scenes of countryside and even the transport is not immune to taking up the trend.”

Photo © Steve Johnson

I find the best way to describe some of these photos is ironically off the wall, having said that the eye catching design is testament to a group of people with imagination that help brighten our cities and for that we should be thankful.

Photo © Steve Johnson

 Pics taken by Steve Johnson  – November, 2015

Berlin, Germany

⭐ THANK YOU Ste J ! ⭐

I am very touched that when Ste J (from the U.K.) went to Berlin, he  thought of me & took some pics.  “CHEERS” to you, Ste J

Photo © Resa McConaghy
Photo © Resa McConaghy

31 thoughts on “Ste J Reviews – Street Art!

      1. Unfortunately he does not yet posses his mother’s penchant for street art (and for photographing anything and everything) even though I had asked him to shoot any he saw. He’s 16 and was having more fun just being a kid and enjoying his pals. I will have to go myself!

    1. Thank you, Hanna! I’d like to go to Berlin, too! Cripes, I’d like to go to Spain, England, France & Italy! Then the rest of Europe. You make me very interested about Denmark!

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