A Face Cut by Shadow

It’s an older mural. I’m sure it has survived due to its beauty.

Shadowface #1

In an alley off Spadina near College, every time I see it, there’s this shadow cutting the face.

Shadowface #5

… So I took the pics anyway. I muraled for a couple of hours then as I passed on my way home, the shadow was further along the mural. 

Shadowface #2

The face looked better, but the mural looked worse.

Shadowface #3

Taggers have let it survive, choosing to cluster tag the doorway, instead.

Shadowface #9

Shadowface #8

Some close-ups.

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Pics taken by Resa, August, 2015

Toronto, Canada

The cluster-tagged doorway is quite pretty in its own right!

Shadowface #12

15 thoughts on “A Face Cut by Shadow

  1. I must be honest and say I’ve never really like graffiti, but that’s mainly because what I’ve seen of it up to now has been someone writing “Baz Woz Here!” across a school wall 50 times.

    I’m genuinely stunned by the quality of work you showed here and in your other posts. Wow!

    1. I hear what you’re saying about tag graffiti. In many cities, like Toronto, the concept has really evolved. Areas that were heavily tagged have now been transformed with street art. I love it! Winnipeg has a Mural program that produces many fantastic works of art, all for everyone to see for free everyday.

      1. Yes, I think if it’s done well it can be really beautiful and enhance the look of an area. You want people with some talent though. I don’t think my spray painting matchstick figures on a wall would do much for property values in any neighborhood.

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