Fright Night w/Fiona

The Graf Photography of Fiona Milne is a great find!

Fionna #26
Photo © Fiona Milne

Tonight is about monsters…. scary ones! Very scary!

Fionna #22
Photo © Fiona Milne

Fiona has her own graffiti blog FIONA FERRET GRAFFITI – THE WRITING ON THE WALL You’ll want to follow!

Fionna #23
Photo © Fiona Milne

Her shots are taken in and around Sheffield, England.

Fionna #5
Photo © Fiona Milne

I only hope you can sleep tonight!

Fionna #15
Photo © Fiona Milne

She’s not scary, but sometimes street art is.

Fionna #7
Photo © Fiona Milne

I have put links to 6 of her posts at the end of this post.

 Pics taken by Fiona Milne – 2012 – 2014


Brickworks/Graffit Works

Sand, Sea and Spray

The Future’s So Bright I Gotta WearShades

Whistle Stop

April Splashes

Living It Up In Leicester

Photo © Fiona Milne
Photo © Fiona Milne


17 thoughts on “Fright Night w/Fiona

        1. Yes! I sure did think of you. It’s because you wrote that horror piece I read…think it was earlier today … “Lunchtime”!
          I was stumped, then your post brought an idea home.
          Creativity begets creativity!

    1. Thanks! It is so great that Fiona is letting me share her work here on GLaM! I want to see all the street art and messages contained within from all over the world!

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