Wildly Adorable

OMG! It’s a little Hobo Elephant. How sweet is this?

Artist: Blackburn
Artist: Blackburn

Sweeter than honey!

Artist: Blackburn
Artist: Blackburn
Artist: Blackburn
Artist: Blackburn
Artist: Blackburn
Artist: Blackburn

Pics taken by Resa, June 21 , 2015

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Blackburn
Artist: Blackburn
1DU #7
I counted 43 names here!

18 thoughts on “Wildly Adorable

  1. Remember Kipling’s Elephant Child, crossing the hot plains to the “great, grey, green. greasy, Limpopo River, all set about with fever trees…” He carried a palm frond as an umbrella, just like this little guy. Priceless!!

    1. I couldn’t quite think of the piece, but I knew of something Kipling & elephant.
      These are beautiful words, Cindy. Rudyard was an amazing writer, “If” being his masterpiece poem!

    1. 🙂 Daniel, I can totally understand why this image would make anyone feel like a kid. You know, there is a lot of kid in you! 🙂 Never let that go! 🙂

  2. Hi dear Resa 😀 His trunk makes an excellent flower vase, but I don’t think the elephant is too happy about it. I could send you flowers in an elephant vase as I know you would like it and having an elephant in the room especially 😉 A jumbo hug. Ralph xoxox ❤ #<

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