I ♥ Herakut

HERAKUT is the name of an internationally-renowned street artist duo .

Artists: Team Herakut
Artists: Herakut

This mural is #5 of their “Giant Storybook Project” that they are painting around the world.

Herakut #2

It is massive. I came face to face with a knee

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This must be part of the tale.

Herakut #10

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  It seems Jay also has a fairy on his shoulder, making it a new age Fairy Tale?

Artists: Team Herakut
Artists: Team Herakut

Pic taken by Resa, on June 18, 2014

Toronto, Canada

20 thoughts on “I ♥ Herakut

    1. Your welcome! I had to travel across town for this one! Fortunately, my hairdresser is out that way. so I got my roots touched up! 🙂 😎

    1. Perhaps the fairy is miffed! After all until Jay met his creative self she must have had all of his attention.
      When/If I get time I’d like to find the other murals and see how the story reads! xo

  1. Gray Dawster

    This is truly incredible, and once again your slideshow gives credit to the enormous amount of detail given to each element in this wonderful example of street graffiti 🙂

    The raw talent of the artist oozes meticulous quality here Resa and thank you so much for adding this one. I think that this has to be the Maestro at work…

    Andro xx

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