Of Venus

The beauty of this Piece excelled my pulse.

Godor #1

Yet, it was new, and painted over part of the “David Bowie” mural from my last post.

Godor #9

The artists to my knowledge are: Jarus, Kels and Bacon.

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It’s found in a side lane outside the subway station at Bloor and Bathurst.

Godor #8

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Godor #11

Godor #12

Pic taken by Resa, on June 3, 2014

Toronto, Canada

19 thoughts on “Of Venus

    1. It looks like different artists to me, but I can’t say 100%

      However, voracious Taggers have consumed most of the Bowie mural. The part that was painted over had been all but covered by the Taggers.
      Although in a lot of cases, artists return and fix up their art of Tags, this older Piece is almost gone.
      The hope is always that the new Piece will command respect and be left alone for awhile.

      1. yeah kewl thanks fer da info, yeah taggers out to go find another wall sucks to cover anotehr kewl piece of art the way i see it. . wow never thouyght bout that but art taggin warz ,,oh well,,,what a trip..over an out frum Q

      1. Don’t know, but maybe you could be a little more ‘forward’ by leaving some sort of ‘sign’ to the effect. Who knows; there could eventually be some sort of collaboration happening.. Just a thought… It would be ‘CRISP’..! 😀

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