Alley Cat

Although I’m trying to systematically document areas, I can’t help getting excited and becoming creatively scattered.

Sometimes I’m just like an alley cat going for the bits I like best in whatever lane I’m in.

Alley #2

I pushed the colors in the shot below more than I ever have in a pic. It’s an attempt to show how lush the Graffiti Art is in some of Toronto’s core back lanes.

Alley #1

Pics take by Resa, on February 07, 2013

Alley south of Queen Street West between Spadina and Bathurst

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

9 thoughts on “Alley Cat

        1. Lots and lots and lots of alleys are filled with art!!!
          I feel panicky to get out there and take pics before something happens, after all it is ephemeral.
          Toronto is also offering money so people and businesses can do murals, which are cropping up everywhere.
          Then there is Canada’s largest graffiti mural, The Rail Links project that I live walking distance from. I’ve done a few shots, but need to go back on the Monday of a long weekend. Check it out!!!

          1. Wow man that’s great and I think it’s cool that Toronto has embraced the art and is encouraging it! I love being in the city and coming across a huge, vibrant and beautiful mural smack in the middle of bricks and concrete. I love the city and graffiti is what helps give it that city-like vibe! Very cool, man

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